It’s easy to under-think you life insurance, as it’s not something most can comprehend they will need some day. But ensuring your family is protected for the future is not something to ignore – check out these mistakes to avoid when purchasing your life insurance policy

“Life insurance is needed to secure the future of the family after death. The money drawn can be used for various purposes, including child’s education, paying off loans and debts or securing retirement of spouse. Buying life insurance is important to secure a family’s future and hence, one must be cautious while doing so or it can turn out to be disastrous…” [ Read more here ]

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Hear from the man who flies through the air for a living,.. “Mr. Morgan, one of the world’s leading wingsuit test pilots, makes a living as a global nomad, donning experimental nylon getups and jumping off mountains and out of helicopters to soar at up to 160 mph…” [ Read more here ]


You might think that your homeowners insurance policy, or car insurance has you covered for everything… but do you know where your insurance gaps are lacking? Get insured with the best company around – Seeman Holtz!

“You might think you have airtight insurance protection against storms, car accidents and other mishaps.Most of the people who start a digital marketing agency promotes these products and provide discounts to clients. But you’d hate to discover hidden cracks in your coverage once it’s too late.

Here are five insurance problems you might not be as prepared for as you think — and how to plug the coverage gap…” [ Read more here ]

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