Personal Risk Management

The Seeman Holtz Comprehensive Risk team provides custom tailored insurance solutions from a risk management based perspective. We understand that our clients are going through various stages of life, and that our recommendations need too accurately reflect what is appropriate for their specific situation. In addition to this, we assess what areas of risk are of real concern for them and how it can be mitigated as part of our recommendations. We perform a free comprehensive risk analysis in order to accomplish this goal.

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Here are a few areas of risk that we commonly encounter and have to take
into consideration when providing product solutions:

  • Market Loss
  • Out-living Retirement Assets
  • Economic Downturn / Job Loss
  • Disability – Short or Long Term
  • Dying with Dependents
  • Complex Family Matters
  • Critical Illness Event
  • Long Term Chronic Illness Event
  • Property Loss
  • Liabilities / Potential Legal Issues
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