texting and driving

Car insurance rates could go up thanks to texting and driving.

What if your car insurance company could tell if you’re texting and driving, and adjust your rates accordingly? The answer to that question may not be theoretical for long.

Arity, a unit of Allstate, is tracking smartphone use and the data it gathers could help determine future car insurance rates. CNN reports:

The technology works by using the smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to sense whether the device is being moved — likely in a driver’s hand — or lying flat on a surface. Arity can also tell whether the phone is unlocked and apps are being used.

Allstate (ALL) may soon use the technology to determine consumers’ car insurance rates. In a statement, it described the technology as a way to promote safe driving.

Arity analyzed data from 160 million trips by hundreds of thousands of Allstate drivers. What it found confirmed research showing that drivers on their phones are more dangerous.

Arity then went a step farther and used Allstate claims data to see how expensive distracted driving is. It says it found that the most distracted drivers cost insurance companies 160% more than the least distracted drivers.

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