If we want to save money on car insurance, maybe we should get self-driving cars. So says Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire-Hathaway owns Geico.

“Driverless cars will reduce — perhaps dramatically — the need for auto insurance if they’re safer,” Buffett said, according to Yahoo. “If driverless cars are successful and people don’t hack into ’em, that will reduce auto insurance premiums — and perhaps drastically reduce them.”

Of course, adoption of self-driving automobile technology is still a good bit in the future. And there’s plenty of concern over just how safe that technology will be.

As Yahoo points out:

Of course, the 87-year-old Nebraskan noted that the timeline, to date, is marred with uncertainty, meaning that the insurance business is under little pressure to change. Currently, incidents with Uber and Tesla have pumped the brakes on what had been a surging pace of technological development.

“How fast that comes or anything, I don’t know,” he said. “I think it’s a long time off.”

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