Amazon delivery

A new wrinkle in Amazon delivery could mean higher homeowners insurance costs.

Apps and smart locks from and Walmart could lead to higher homeowners insurance rates, experts say. At least, it would be wise to ask Boca Insurance agencies Seeman Holtz Property & Casualty about the services’ effects.

The Detroit Free Press reported earlier this month that experts had concerns about the Amazon Key app and lock that would allow delivery people inside homes. The newspaper reported:

“There are a lot of questions,” said Kenneth Cantor, an attorney and the owner of Cantor Insurance Group in Southfield. “When you have home owner’s insurance, it covers you for your property and liability. If you invite someone on your property and they steal something or knock a candle over and the house burns down, would your policy cover it?”

As technology advances, he said, policies will have to catch up, and that could mean rates will go up.

“It’s a new development, so we don’t have a lot of current experience with this,” said Jim Whittle, assistant general counsel of the American Insurance Association in Washington D.C. “Does it make the house more risky? Does it make the house less risky?”

The AIA is a property-casualty insurance trade organization representing about 320 insurers that write more than $125 billion in premiums each year.

Whittle said that as more people adopt the smart lock technology, and people are able to enter a home when the homeowner is not there, carriers will need to wrestle with all sorts of liability questions.

Seeman Holtz Property & Casualty is here to help homeowners figure out such issues. The Boca insurance agencies write:

“Home is where the heart is, so let us help you protect it and everything in it. Since your home is one of the most important financial investments of your lifetime, you’ll need proper insurance coverage in order to keep your investment protected and provide your family with the guarantee that they’ll always be safe and sound. While the cost of home insurance coverage is always an important consideration when selecting your provider, we believe the coverage terms and conditions, reputation, and financial stability of the insurance company should also be considered as well your financial situation.”