homeowners insurance

Will your homeowners insurance cover the dream of a home business?

More and more people are running a business from their home, either as their primary job or a side hustle. But is their homeowners insurance adequate to cover any liability?

That’s a very important question to answer.

“There have been cases where homeowners insurance carriers have denied liability claims because it was a business claim rather than a homeowner’s claim,” Mark Ahart, an insurance agent with Ahart, Frinzi and Smith Insurance in Alexandria, Va., told the Washington Post.

Even if you just work for yourself, the newspaper reports, you need to make sure your business is covered beyond homeowners insurance. According to the Post:

Even if you just work (for yourself) from home, rather than running a full fledged home-based business, you need insurance to protect yourself. Why? “You need to separate your business from your home,” Ahart said. “If you make a mistake in your professional life, you don’t want people to be able to come after your home.” Your homeowners insurance will not cover problems that come up because of your home-based business. Neither will a personal umbrella liability policy, which also excludes business-related problems.

With all that said, what you may need, even for your home-based business, is commercial insurance.

“You should always have a business insurance policy, regardless of what type of work you’re doing,” Ahart said. “It’s broader and covers more things.”

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